Thursday, October 4, 2012

Woodview was present at the West Houston Area Council of Teachers of English this past Saturday September 29th, 2012.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool # 11

1. My favorite tools are and  
I can not wait to start using these tools in my book clubs and independent reading assignments.

2. My whole learning process has changed because now I am more aware of digital literacy and I am part of it as well my students and society in general. With this new vision in mind, I feel responsible for the use of technology and I want to use it with responsibility and accountability. The  change process starts with myself and it will continue through the years to come by accommodating and differentiating my students needs.

3. Yes, Before I did the 11 tools,  I did not have a clear understanding about the 21st Century learner. I do consider myself one of these learners and I am glad that my  school distric SBISD  is fully involve and committed.

Tool # 10

I want my students to understand the following three things about digital citizenship:
 a) Digital Literacy is part of their life.
b) Digital footprints and their side effects are forever.
c)I will stress and present different topics to view and review personal safety, security, intellectual property and cyber bulling.

 2. I will use and present frequently as a preview like in the movies these two resources:

  3. I will present this topic using this video and by constantly talking and presenting topic listed in isafe and

 4. Parents are ask to sign a release that allow students the use of technology. During meet the teacher day, I can explain parents the use and integration of technology in my lessons and how important is to do it with responsibility which involves personal safety, security, cyber bullying and property.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tool # 9

1.- It is important to tie technology to the objective because through different activities and the student can demonstrate that he/she has mastered the objective or pinpoint the areas of difficulty. 2.- Students work and contribution should be always the high expectation. High expectations need to be a part of the classroom environment. 3.- I can definitely use  ; the analogy lesson in particular. Certainly, I can use some parts of the lesson units of work. In addition, I can use  ; for specific topics. I work for 30 minutes with each of my small groups. The use of technology has to be plan very carefully and ahead of each lesson because I do not have more time. I ambition to use some of these interactive websites as well   to differentiate instruction for my students. To work with three or four students max, helps to set expectations, participation and accountability. 4.- Animation Creator Lite and A Bee See Sight Words Free Lite. By using Animation creator Lite, I can see students making cartoons/comics as a reflection of the books or chapters already read. A Bee see Sight Words Free Lite can be helpful as a warm up vocabulary of the content of the book and topic. 5.- My students can create videos where they can retell the story. They can divide the chapters of the book and independently create their video chapter. Work together for ideas, connections and reflections before, during and after to continue improving their work.

Tool # 8

1.-I learned that I can have an I-Tunes account through my Spring Branch email.I watched the video and probably I have to watch it again when I have to set up my account for real. 2.- I learned that I can get support through Atomic learning. They have the list of the available training for using i-pod and i-pad. The training range from basics to more specifics. 3.- I downloaded the latest version of I-Tunes from KACE and I learned that SBISD has created a database for apps. I learned that before and after synchronizing my tools, I can manage better and all with a plan and through my computer. I will need to post rules and make my students and myself accountable for enforcement.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool # 7

In the past, I have created documents in Google Docs and share them with teachers at school. As I work with students from different classrooms, I want to create documents in Google Docs where they and their teachers can share ideas. As well, I would love to use wallwisher and TodaysMeet to have a sense of unity and involvement in my small group sessions regardless the different home rooms.

Tool # 6 So far. Tool # 6 is my favorite. I can use Wallwisher and Todaysmeet any time with my students in the short amount of time that we have.